Colourdar - The Temperature Calendar

Colourdar is a data visualization project, about annual weather of different cities in a calendar format, e.g.: Temperature of Helsinki 2010.
The common calendar information does not change over the years, sometimes only emphasizes of political / social as holidays or commemoration of a milestone.

When we faced with a schedule repeated information from year to year these varies as to the phases of the moon relative to the days of the month and a day number moves one step forward and nothing more, unless the change is made every 4 years to add the day February 29, the saints are the same every day, every year … / / repeat
Seeks to provide more information, Colourdar is a “new way of reminder“ in a well-known form of local weather events that took place exactly a year ago in that place of the globe.
Take climate data from a free database on the Internet in a specific city and becomes a unique display of local information, dividing each day into a data visualization that delivers:
- temperature swing
- linear thermal swing
- color description of the average temperature

The project want to aim to several years of one city, several cities of one year, and more.
If you want to help, please contact us.
Helsinki average temperature 2010. Final array, more data to come.

Helsinki average temperature 2010. Final array, more data to come.

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